Best Hairdryer For Short Hair: Our Test Winner

Best Hairdryer For Short Hair
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Even short hair wants to be styled beautifully. But which hairdryer is suitable for this and is as gentle on the hair as possible? We show you the three best hairdryers for short hair and how to use them – for bobs, curls, layers and afros. Check the best hairdryer for short hair, our test winner is….

A hairdryer for short hair should have a concentrated airflow
Different attachments are recommended for different looks
An ion function optimally counteracts frizz and split ends

Remington Air 3D hair dryer

Best Hairdryer For Short Hair

The Remington Air 3D is high quality, easy to use and ultimately gentle on hair. The concentrated airflow and individual temperatures ensure quick and gentle results. Short hair of all types is styled perfectly and lasts all day.


  • Ionic function: Reduces static charge and ensures great shine
  • 3D airflow: Provides a precise, evenly heated airflow for efficient styling results
  • 1800 watts
  • Vertical motor with seat in the handle for maximum comfort and control
  • LED display: Visually reflects the cold or warm air flowing out
  • 3 heating and 2 separate blower settings
  • 110 km/h airflow
  • Cooling stage to fix the styling
  • 3 attachments: 7 mm styling nozzle, 11 mm styling nozzle & diffuser
  • Hanging loop
  • 3 meter cable
  • Incl. non-slip base
  • 3-year guarantee + 1-year extra guarantee with online registration
Our experience

Our editor Emma has tested the Remington Air 3D hairdryer and says:

Wow! I have already tested and unpacked many hair dryers, but the Remington Air 3D immediately blew me away. The box alone is high quality and sturdy. When you open the flap with the little magnets, you get a direct view of the entire set, which is really impressive.
The hairdryer looks super modern and innovative and I also like the color. Something different from black and white or the pink that is usually used – simply elegant and stylish. The hairdryer also fits very well in the hand and is, in my opinion, pleasantly light.

There is a big plus point not only for the different attachments, but above all for the innovative mechanism. Attaching the attachments is super easy and they stay in place like a bomb – I usually find this rather difficult.

Remington Salon Collection Air3D Hair Dryer

Admittedly, a 3-metre cable is not necessary for private use, but it is of course an absolute advantage in the salon. That’s why I don’t want to complain about it. So to the application:

The application is very innovative and as gentle on the hair as desired. The individual temperature and blower settings can be easily adjusted to suit your own hair type and preferences.

In addition, the Remington Air 3D can be used to create a wide variety of looks depending on the setting and attachment – salon blow-out, straight hair or bouncy curls.

The hair dries quickly, has an incomparably beautiful shine and feels velvety soft. It really doesn’t get any better than this. An absolute recommendation!

Slopehill Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

Best hairdryer for short hair under 60 Dollars

A Dyson dupe? Definitely. But also a really good one! The Slopehill hairdryer was even the test winner in our Dyson hairdryer alternative test and impresses with its ion function, high-quality attachments and beautiful styling results.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • 3 attachments: two styling nozzles & one diffuser attachment for curls
  • 2 fan & temperature settings
  • Cold air setting
  • 1800 Watt power – therefore very fast drying
  • Ion technology
  • AC motor
  • Removable filter
  • Double safety net – prevents hair from being sucked in
  • Loop for hanging up
  • No exact warranty details

Our experience

Our editor Emma tested the Slopehill hairdryer and says:

Let’s start with the look of the model: You definitely can’t miss the fact that this is a Dyson dupe. The same shape, the same colors, the same design and even the features are relatively identical – there are two styling nozzles and a diffuser attachment.
I was also impressed by the feel of the appliance. It is light, fits well in the hand and feels very pleasant thanks to the matt surface. I can’t see or feel any loss of quality at any point – wow!

The use is self-explanatory. There are two blower settings, which also have two different temperature settings. However, I didn’t understand why there are two options for the cold setting and I couldn’t find any differences in the coldness either – in any case, both cold settings are very suitable for finishing off the styling.

Fast Drying Low Noise Blow Dryer

To really test everything, I downloaded a decibel app and measured how loud the individual blower settings of the hairdryer are – I personally am always very annoyed by loud hairdryers. The first level is already relatively loud at 80 dB (but normal for a conventional hairdryer). Level 2 really screams in my ear at 90 dB, but is also very powerful and fast. The cold air settings are both 85 dB.

I opted for the larger styling nozzle in the test and tried out all the blower settings. My favorite is definitely level 1, which is absolutely enough to dry my short hair quickly and is much quieter than level 2. I then finished off with the cold air setting. This ensures that the roughened cuticle closes again, the hair becomes smoother and the styling lasts longer.

And now to the most important point: the result. I am thrilled! My hair was completely dry within a few minutes, but not dried out. The hairdryer made my hair super soft and smooth, without any frizz or roughness.

Both the ion function and the different blower settings and attachments do a really good job. And at an unbeatable price!

Remington Ionic hair dryer

Remington Ionic hair dryer

Do you like to keep things simple and a little quieter? Then the Remington Ionic is a good choice. This is a minimalist hairdryer with ion technology that does its job well and creates beautiful looks, but has no other innovative features. Quasi for undemanding heads.


  • 2200 watts
  • 3 heating and 2 separate blower settings
  • Ion technology: Against frizz, split ends and flyaway hair
  • Cooling setting to fix the styling
  • 2 attachments: Styling nozzle & diffuser
  • Removable, easy-to-clean air filter
  • Hanging loop

Our experience

Our editor Emma tested the Remington Ionic hairdryer a few years ago and says:

The hairdryer looks very simple and isn’t necessarily eye-catching. But that doesn’t bother me. If ionic technology is available, I’m already satisfied.
But the Remington hairdryer not only impressed me with its ionic technology, but also with its low volume and – most importantly – its beautiful results. The hair looks and feels well-groomed. No dryness, no fly-aways, no split ends. Of course, I would always recommend using a Bond Smoother or similar care product before, during or after blow-drying.

However, the Remington Ionic is no match for the Remington Air 3D and the Slopehill ionic blow dryer.

Blow-drying short hair: Instructions

As the term “short hair” includes many different looks, we’ll first give you the most important points before you find video instructions for various short hairstyles below:

Let your hair air dry a little before you start blow drying. Wet hair is very sensitive and should therefore be treated as gently as possible.

Always use a heat protection spray before any heat styling. This protects your hair from the heat of styling and therefore from frizz, split ends and hair breakage.

Use attachments that suit your hair type. For bouncy waves and curls, for example, a diffuser attachment is essential. Narrow tapered styling nozzles provide ultimate control when blow-drying and styling and are therefore perfect for sleek looks and beautiful blow-outs with the round brush.

It’s better to start with lower temperatures and blower settings instead of going full throttle straight away. This gives you control over the hairdryer and allows your hair to get used to the styling. Of course, this is also gentler on your hair.

If you switch on the cold air button at the end of styling, you can fix the look with the cool air and make it last longer!

Which hairdryer brush for short hair?

The advantage of hairdryer brushes is that they give you more freedom of movement and create THE perfect blow-out just like the hairdresser. The best hair dryer brush for short hair always has a rather small diameter and a hair-friendly coating. For bobs, however, it may also be a wider brush.

How do I add volume to short hair?

To add volume to short hair, it’s worth using a volumizing mousse. Apply a small amount to the roots before blow-drying and massage it in. Then work it into the hair against the direction of growth using a hairdryer and round brush.

And very important: don’t touch your hair too much during the day! This not only makes it flat, but also causes it to become greasy more quickly.

Which hot air brush for fine short hair?

Which hot air brush is best for you depends on the actual length of your hair. The shorter your hair, the smaller the diameter of your hot air brush should be. We recommend the BaByliss Dual Hot Air Styler, for example.

With the right hairdryer, you can style your short hairstyle to perfection – whether it’s straight, wavy or a voluminous afro. Our test winner from Remington is The Best Blow Dryer for Short Hair and impresses with its ionic function, fast drying time, gentle use and long-lasting results. With it, nothing stands in the way of a “hairdresser’s” look.

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