Best Face Moisturizer For Men – Top Picks For Hydrated Skin!

Face Moisturizer For Men top-rated options for oily skin

A great face moisturizer is essential in every skincare regimen for men. It helps keep the skin hydrated, in turn preventing dryness for longer and a healthier and more youthful look. Choosing the best face moisturizer for men isn’t just about slapping any old cream on your face.

It just comes down to knowing your skin and either addressing any particularly salient concerns like acne or sensitivity.

Well, apart from the fact there are thousands of men’s facial moisturizers at this very moment in any chemist (or men’s market for that matter). So, Instead of a hit-and-miss, give this guide an overview.

I’ve put in a ton of time researching the 3 best face moisturizers for men. I found some top-rated options for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and basically all skin types! Read on and pick the best facial moisturizer for your skin type.

Quick Pick Section

ProductsVolumeBest Suitable ForCheck price on Amazon
Jack Black Double-Duty100mlAll skin typesCheck price on Amazon
Marlowe Men’s Facial Moisturize177mlOily & dryCheck price on Amazon
L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalift48mlAll skin typesCheck price on Amazon

3 Best Face Moisturizers for Men To Look & Feel Good

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer – Best Overall

Best Face Moisturizer For Men - Top Picks For Hydrated Skin

Jack Black’s Double-Duty Face Moisturizer is more than just a moisturizer, it’s a lifesaver for men’s skin. With SPF 20, it’s perfect for daily protection against those sneaky UV rays. And the long-lasting hydration? It’s not just a claim, it’s a reality.

Blue algae extract and sea parsley + vitamins A & E round out these natural ingredients really make a huge difference. The application smoothes (I mean it!!) your skin and you will see that any dry patches are gone. It’s oil-free so it doesn’t cause any breakouts, and if you have skin irritation say goodbye to that because this will soothe your irritated face.

This moisturizer has a nice blend of moisture and protection – it can be used daytime and nighttime. This is the kind of moisturizer you give a shot if your skin is dry, sensitive, or somewhere in between.

Key Specs

Suitable For – All skin types

When To Use – Both day & night

Volume – 100ml

Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Improve overall skin texture
  • Decent packaging


  • Slightly higher price

Marlowe Men’s Facial Moisturize – Lightweight Daily Moisturizer

You are gonna love this moisturizer as It’s lightweight and hydrating, primarily recommended for dry skin types and oily skin types. The light aloe citron scent is refreshing, not overpowering.

It also absorbs quickly and doesn’t make your face feel greasy. You will also be pleased to learn that it is a phthalate-free, cruelty-free water-based face lotion. You will notice that your skin is not as oily during the day, which of course everyone wants.

Whether you have dry skin or oily one, I think you’ll be extremely satisfied with how well this moisturizer hydrates and protects. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Key Specs

Suitable For – Oily & dry skin types

When To Use – Day & night

Volume – 177ml

Pros & Cons


  • Lightly scented
  • Feels and looks extremely light
  • Ideal for everyday use


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin types

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalift Face Moisturizer – Super Affordable

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalift Face Moisturizer

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalift Face Moisturizer is an anti-aging solution specifically designed for men between 25 and 30. It combats 5 signs of aging: wrinkles, firmness reduction, sagging, rough skin & dry fine lines – all for a revitalized and youthful appearance.

This non-messy, non-oily formula retains rapidly and can be utilized day by day morning/evening Formulated with detoxifying charcoal, it helps to deeply cleanse the skin. With the right amount of regular use, it makes Skin Clean, Refreshed, and especially more youthful due to Its exclusive use of Pro-Retinol to control fine lines and increase skin elasticity.

This moisturizer is all skin-friendly as it hydrates your skin for 24 long hours in a way that makes you feel comfortable while giving complete nourishment.

Key Specs

Suitable For – All skin types

When To Use – Day & Night

Volume – 48 ml

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pocket-friendly packaging


  • No SPF

What To Look For In A Face Moisturizer for Men – Buying Guide Tips!

Your Skin Type

This runs the golden rule for everyone’s skin care. Know your skin type, so you can identify the most suitable formula. Is your skin OILY, DRY, COMBINATION, OR SENSITIVE? If you’re oily or acne-prone, try an oil-free moisturizer. Meanwhile, If you feel that your skin is tight and dry, then opt for something richer & more moisturizing.


Don’t be frightened by the fancy names. Check for targeted ingredients based on what your skin requires.

  • Hyaluronic acid: amazing for hydration
  • Niacinaminde: can prevent too much oil and brighten up your skin!
  • Retinol: prevents aging and keeps skin glowing.

Stay away from substances that may be unsuitable for sensitive skin such as fragrances and chemicals.

Day or Night

This may sound like a no-brainer, but bear with us. Some men’s facial moisturizers are Better Daytime with sunscreen while others are specifically made for Night Repair. However, if you just want to minimize the number of products in your skincare routine (like me), find yourself a good moisturizer that also does so.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

In summing it up, finding the perfect face moisturizer for men isn’t just about picking the coolest name on the shelf. Seriously, your skin deserves the best! Remember, it’s about your specific skin needs, be it dryness or oiliness. But don’t stress too much. Try the Jack Black for overall awesomeness, Marlowe for lightweight daily use, or L’Oreal Paris for anti-aging. 

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