Top 12 Best Vera Wang Perfumes Every Woman Should Try

12 best Vera Wang perfumes for womans

When you hear the name Vera Wang, you immediately think of exquisite wedding gowns. However, the brand also has a beautiful assortment of feminine perfumes that should be explored. We examined the top 12 Vera Wang perfumes that are perfect for every occasion.

Vera Wang, the legendary designer, entered the world of the fashion industry. She became Vogue Magazine’s youngest editor, a position she held for over two decades. Her next position as design director at Ralph Lauren certainly motivated her to do more. She departed after only two years to pursue a career in bridal gown design.
Vera Wang started her bridal store in 1990 and debuted her range of elegantly created wedding gowns. Her distinct style gained an enviable following among Hollywood A-listers and was most notably worn by Carrie in Sex And The City.

Vera Wang’s perfumes all have one thing in common: they are refined, attractive, and very feminine. Today, we’ll go over our top 12 Vera Wang perfumes to get your pulse racing.

1. Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette

Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette - Top 10 Vera Wang perfumes

Indulge in the regal allure of Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette. A captivating blend of water lily and mandarin blossom creates a fresh, lively aura. The fragrance evolves into an enduring mix of amber and vanilla, perfect for any occasion. Versatile and sophisticated, the beautiful bottle design adds a touch of regal charm to your collection. Elevate your fragrance game with this blend of glamour and grace. Indulge in Princess – because every woman deserves to feel like royalty.

2. Vera Wang Princess Noir Perfume

Vera Wang Princess Noir

Best-selling Vera Wang Perfume Princess Noir is the’stay-up-late’ sibling of the original Princess scent. It has sensual gourmet fragrances of fruits and flowers, as well as the alluring perfume of patchouli.

Vera Wang Princess Noir is a captivating Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance designed for women, introduced in 2017. Opening with notes of Black Currant, Pear, and Mandarin Orange, it evolves into a heart of Freesia, Cotton Flower, and Jasmine. The base notes of Patchouli, Chocolate, Palisander Rosewood, and Amber add a luxurious depth to this alluring scent.

This is an all-season scent since the fruits and florals lighten the deep sensuous foundation. A perfume to wear to a more formal evening occasion, such as a party, wedding evening, or nice dinner.
It comes in a lovely heart-shaped crystal cut bottle with a glass top and a silver-bejeweled crown. It arrives in its tiny black outfit.

3. Vera Wang Perfume for Women

Vera Wang Parfum for Women

This award-winning Vera Wang Perfume is a success for women. It has a beautiful scent that is white and pure, fruity and flowery. The scent received two prizes a year after its introduction, including FiFi scent Star of The Year, in 2003. Mandarin, bloom, and cleaver dominate the top notes of this perfume, which fade into a floral middle of Bulgarian rose and gardenia. The base then introduces Stephanotis and pure musk.

It begins with water lily, apple, orange, and apricot notes. The heart reveals guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, and dark chocolate center. Vanilla, amber, and wood make up the basis.

4. Vera Wang Perfume Rock Princess

Vera Wang Rock Princess

Seductive. Rebellious. Edgy. Vera Wang Perfume Rock Princess, based on the iconic Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette, is rebellious yet seductively sweet, just like you. Rock Princess Eau de Toilette is a dark, fruity, floral scent for women with a Rockstar attitude. The perfect sweet but rebellious Eau de Toilette combination, with top notes of juicy peach and lily of the valley, undertones of night-blooming jasmine, and delicate notes of vanilla and amber. She’s known as the Rock Princess. Born to be a rebel.

5. Vera Wang Perfume Glam Princess

Vera Wang Glam Princess

Vera Wang Glam Princess Eau De Toilette. This enchanting fragrance boasts a captivating blend of juicy pear, honey, and creamy vanilla orchid, creating a scent that’s both sophisticated and irresistible. Perfect for day or night, the fragrance lingers with a chic aura. Embrace the glamour with floral and fruity notes that add a touch of elegance to your every move. The long-lasting formula ensures you stay captivating throughout the day.

The bottle design reflects the chic and glamorous nature of the fragrance, making it a stylish addition to your collection. Vera Wang Glam Princess – where allure meets sophistication.

6. Vera Wang Perfume Truly Pink

Vera Wang Truly Pink Perfume

Vera Wang Truly Pink Eau De Parfum. This fragrance is a delicate floral symphony, harmonizing notes of white freesia and lychee blossom for an irresistibly feminine scent. This well-balanced and exquisite smell, a girl’s closest friend, offers the impression of a bouquet on a sunny summer day. The lovely flower is a safe and unoffensive pick, beginning with a rose musk and ending with a fresh washing sensation.

Perfect for day or evening wear, Truly Pink offers a long-lasting allure with its subtle blend of floral and fruity accords. The chic and timeless bottle design adds a touch of sophistication to your fragrance collection.

7. Vera Wang Perfume Lovestruck

Vera Wang Lovestruck

With its exhilarating, enticing, and intoxicating promises, Vera Wang’s Lovestruck conjures the first tinges of love. This Eau de perfume for ladies was launched in 2011 and begins with bright citrus guava notes and herbal touches of angelica before revealing a center of tuberose tones surrounded by gentle, aquatic hints of lotus. Lovestruck, which lingers on musk notes, appears to describe in aromatic words the entire tale of new love – fresh and invigorating, yet deep and comforting. While this fragrant combination is meant to captivate the senses, the perfume stays mild and close to the skin, making it a refreshing but romantic accessory perfect for warm spring and summer days.

8. Vera Wang Perfume Look

Vera Wang Look Perfume

The Look arrived in 2008, complementing Wang’s fashion line’s winter/fall collection. This was no accident; the fragrance was conceived as a perfume depiction of Wang’s clothing. The scent, created in collaboration with Fermenich, is all about style and desire. Crisp, distinct, and polished. This smell is more serious than Wang’s previous offerings and would be ideal for the workplace or daily use.

Mandarin, clear, green notes, litchi, and apple dominate the top notes. Lily, freesia, and jasmine make up the heart. The base notes are vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and patchouli.

9. Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose

Vera Wang Embrace French Lavender & Tuberose Vera Wang perfume

In line with its namesake gesture, the fragrance collection driven by carefully chosen ingredients embodies a modern vision inspired by intimacy and emotion. Vera Wang Embrace breathes life into the aspirational image of romance, echoing the rich heritage that Vera Wang represents.

10. Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle & Iris

Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle & Iris Vera Wang perfume

Sophisticated. Intimate. Romantic. A scent of desire. A modern vision influenced by classic elegance. This scent collection conveys the closeness and emotion of Vera Wang, making it an ideal present for the woman in your life. Radiant. Ethereal. Pure. Vera Wang Accepts Floral Gourmand is Periwinkle & Iris. With sparkling notes of Bergamot and Violet Petals, the top creates a radiant entry.

Periwinkle, Iris, and Blue Jasmine are present in the heart. The flowery heart incorporates Benzoin and Whipped Sugar to create a sense of comfort and addiction.

11. Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush

Vera Wang perfume

Sophisticated and romantic, Love Struck Floral Rush by Vera Wang is a fruity floral fragrance for young women. Sparkling notes of Bergamot and Violet Petals open the scent, followed by a tender blend of Periwinkle, Iris, and Blue Jasmine. The floral heart, featuring Benzoin and Whipped Sugar, adds a comforting layer. This high-quality fragrance is a perfect gift, embodying timeless sophistication and desire for the modern woman

12. Vera Wang Pink Princess

Vera Wang Pink Princess

Pink Princess by Vera Wang, a Floral Fruity fragrance for women, debuted in 2013 as a lively addition to the Princess line. A limited interpretation of the 2006 original, it promises a girlish, spontaneous, and energetic experience for your “inner princess.” The playful bouquet opens with pink grapefruit and raspberry sorbet, followed by pink hibiscus and creamy honeysuckle. The base features sweet notes of marshmallow and white amber, creating a delightful, feminine allure.


Although Vera Wang is most known for their gorgeous bridal clothes, they also have a lot to offer the world of scent. We believe that every lady should experience the enticing Vera Wang fragrance line, with a plethora of exquisite and delicate feminine aromas to discover.

Vera Wang Perfumes stands as an embodiment of timeless elegance, sophistication, and a celebration of femininity. Each fragrance is a carefully crafted olfactory journey, capturing the essence of various moods, moments, and emotions. Whether it’s the enchanting floral bouquets, the modern visions of intimacy, or the playful and girlish interpretations, Vera Wang Perfumes consistently deliver a sensorial experience that transcends ordinary scents. Elevate your style, embrace the allure of each fragrance, and let the lingering notes tell a story of grace, romance, and the enduring legacy of Vera Wang’s dedication to capturing the spirit of beauty and love.

What is the inspiration behind Vera Wang’s fragrance collections?

Vera Wang’s fragrance collections are inspired by a modern vision of sophistication, intimacy, and emotion. Whether it’s the timeless allure of romance, the playful interpretation of a “girlish princess,” or the captivating blend of floral notes, each fragrance reflects Vera Wang’s dedication to capturing the essence of beauty and love.

Are Vera Wang Perfumes suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, many of Vera Wang’s perfumes are designed for everyday wear. The collection offers a range of fragrances, from light and floral to more intense and sophisticated scents. Whether you’re looking for a signature scent for daily use or a special fragrance for occasions, there’s a Vera Wang perfume to suit various preferences.

How long do Vera Wang fragrances typically last?

The longevity of Vera Wang fragrances can vary depending on the specific perfume and individual skin chemistry. Generally, Vera Wang perfumes are crafted to provide a lasting and memorable experience. Users often enjoy the lingering notes throughout the day, but individual results may vary.

Can Vera Wang fragrances be considered as gifts?

Absolutely. Vera Wang Perfumes make for exquisite and thoughtful gifts. With a wide range of scents suitable for different personalities and preferences, they are perfect for expressing sentiments of love, appreciation, or celebration. The sophisticated packaging and the timeless allure of Vera Wang’s creations add an extra touch of elegance to gift-giving.

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