Eyebrow Gel: The Best Products for Trendy Looks

Best Eyebrow gel

The “feathered eyebrow” look is effortless, soft, and natural and goes hand in hand with the trendy “no make-up” make-up look. The aim here is no longer to use sharp edges and time-consuming contouring of the brows but to make them look bushy and natural. Eyebrow gel can help you achieve this.

We’ll show you the best products and how to use them correctly to recreate the trendy look with ease.

The most important points in brief

  • The choice of color depends on the desired result
  • Each gel achieves natural results in its own way
  • Eyebrow gel is indispensable for the “feathered eyebrow” look

The best eyebrow gel in comparison

We are true beauty freaks and have already tested a whole host of products – in everyday life, during sports, in clubs, on vacation, or at concerts. After all, when we buy make-up, it has to stand the test of time. We were particularly impressed by three products for our eyebrows:

No. 1 winner: Benefit Gimme Brow+

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow - best eyebrow gel

Our absolute favorite when it comes to eyebrow gel is the “Gimme Brow+” from Benefit. You can easily recreate the trendy brow look with it. Plus point: the gel is now available in ten shades. You’re sure to find the right shade.

Facts & application

This product couldn’t be easier to use. The practical, small brush glides gently through the hairs of your eyebrows, lightly coloring them and the skin underneath. Small microfibers in the gel fill in gaps and complete the bushy look.

In most cases, brushing is not necessary as the pigmentation of the eyebrow gel is very intense – this even applies to the lightest shade.

The eyebrows stay in shape all day and the hairs are beautifully set without looking sticky. Unfortunately, the only drawback here is the price of around 28 euros. However, the brow gel lasts for two to three months.

2. Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

Eyebrow gel with filling fibers

Beautiful eyebrows for little money? That’s where Essence comes into play. We have also tested the affordable “Gimme Brow” dupe and are delighted with its performance.

Facts & application

The motto “cheap doesn’t always mean bad” is true here, because this gel can do a lot.

Application is very easy thanks to the handy little brush. The color is combed into the hairs and is easy to spread. The gel also contains so-called “filling fibers”, small fibers that fill in the eyebrows and conceal gaps.

Although the brows are not “weatherproof” or smudge-proof, the color and look last all day. The gel is available in four brownish shades – Essence still has some work to do on this.

Nevertheless, this product is an absolute price-performance winner. Around 3 euros for a gel is a real beauty bargain.

3. RefectoCil Styling Gel

Refectocil Styling Gel - Best Eyebrow gel

RefectoCil – the brand that beauticians trust. And not without reason.

RefectoCil is a long-established beauty brand with a focus on professionalism and long-lasting results. If you already have dark, full brows, this is the best choice.

Facts & application

RefectoCil provides us with a very classic, transparent eyebrow gel. A viscous texture that shapes and fixes the eyebrows.

In addition, the styling gel protects pre-colored eyebrows with the so-called “Colour Protect Formula” and keeps the color looking fresh for longer. That’s a big plus!

Application is not difficult in this case either. The hairs are brushed into shape with the brush applicator and set.

Unfortunately, this product is less suitable for the perfect “feathered eyebrow” look, as the brow hairs are fixed in their normal direction of growth, but it is not possible to comb them upwards. If you desperately use too much product, unsightly layers will form.

This makes it a great product for naturally setting and shaping already full, dark eyebrows, but it is not possible to change the shape and color intensively.

Eyebrow gel: transparent or colored?

Whether the colored eyebrow gel is the right choice or whether you should opt for the transparent one depends entirely on the result you are looking for. Colored eyebrow gel immediately intensifies the brow and shapes it with a beautiful curve. Gaps in the brows are also filled in.

The transparent gel is suitable if you have either already used an eyebrow pencil, your eyebrows are colored or your brows are naturally thick and dark.

Eyebrow gel: application & tips

Step-by-step instructions

Take an eyebrow pencil of your choice. Important: It should be able to work precisely, i.e. be sharp.
Use the pencil to draw individual hairs in gaps or simply where you want more fullness with a firm hand movement.
Filling in the gaps as usual would create a flatter look. Tip: Don’t worry if something is uneven. It’s best to aim for this unevenness – for an even more natural look.

And then the eyebrow gel comes into play. Apply it gently, combing from the center of the brows towards the forehead to fix the hairs upwards. Make sure that nothing sticks together and that there are no clumps. Brush the beginning of the brow (towards the nose) last.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the result, you can now comb over the brows a second time using a clean brush and the same technique.

And there they are! Your “feathered eyebrows”. Natural, bushy, and super trendy!

Here’s a quick brow tutorial


Hey guys! Here’s a quick brow tutorial 😍. I naturally have bushy brows so I first use the Sunlight Bar Soap and the small brush at the end of my @Maybelline New York Brow Ultra Slim Eyebrow Pencil to brush them upwards. After that I take the same eyebrow pencil and fill in any gaps. I then take my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and Fit Me Foundation to clean up the area around my brows 😊🌸 #eyebrows #eyebrowtutorial #fyp #tiktoksouthafrica #trending #makeup


How to do it

Whether colored or transparent, always start in the middle of the brow and brush through to the end of the brow so that you don’t have any lumps of product at the front. Start at the end.

Brush the gelled brows with a lash brush to better distribute any clumps and make the look even looser. You can also repeat this throughout the day.

If you have large gaps in your eyebrows, you can color in and conceal them beforehand with an eyebrow pencil, for example. Gently brush the gel over them to set everything.

If your eyebrows are light, you can tint them beforehand to intensify the effect. You can find out how to do this in our article on eyebrow tinting.

Castor oil helps you to style naturally beautiful and thick eyebrows in the long term. You can also read our article on castor oil for eyebrows.


Bushy eyebrows are my favorite styling trend and an eyebrow gel is always in my make-up bag. I prefer to use tinted gel to create even more volume and surface area and brush my brows up in a “feathered” look.
Doing them differently is now much more difficult and awkward for me.

Give it a try and see how you can get full eyebrows in no time with these simple tricks. Eyebrow gel and the “feathered eyebrow” look are simply perfect for rounding off the “no-make-up” make-up and looking fresh and easy.

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