Find The 10 Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

best shampoos for oily hair

It’s no secret that greasy hair may be difficult to manage. Aside from making it simple to get the damp appearance, hyperactive glands in your scalp can make hair styling difficult and may even lead to over-washing. Fortunately, the best shampoos for oily hair contain hard-working components like tea tree oil, which help to keep unpleasant slicks at bay.

People with oily hair want a gentle cleanser that eliminates buildup and product. It is common for people to believe they have oily hair or an oily scalp when, in fact, the buildup is from products or shampoo.

Because not all products are made equal when it comes to successfully reducing oil, we’ve compiled a list of cleansing favorites from well-known brands like as Klorane and Christophe Robin, which beauty enthusiasts and pros rave about. Learn on for some of the best shampoos for oily hair that can help keep it balanced and healthy.

It may seem paradoxical, but washing your hair too frequently might actually make it more oily. Cleansing with the right hair product helps eliminate oils, debris, grime, and product buildup, but using too much will deplete your scalp’s natural oils and send it into overdrive. People with fine hair are more likely to suffer from oily hair since they have more strands of hair on their scalp, which implies more oil glands. Your scalp has the capacity to control oil production, but it occasionally needs a little assistance regaining equilibrium.

The suitable cleanser can help balance your scalp’s microbiota and keep excess oil from spoiling your hairstyle. The best shampoos for oily hair wash softly without drying out your hair or weighing it down. If you have oily hair and need to wash it every day, the right shampoo can help you get rid of your greasy roots while also boosting your scalp and hair health.

We understand the battle with greasy hair and have tried hundreds of shampoos in the hopes of permanently degreasing our roots. We’ve compiled a list of the best shampoos for oily hair that have been shown to prevent excessive oil buildup while still keeping your hair healthy.

OUAI Detox Shampoo - best shampoos for oily hair

Best For All Hair Types


  • Does not dry out hair.
  • Helps to eliminate product buildup.


  • Strong apple cider vinegar aroma

The name “detox” shouldn’t intimidate you—this shampoo is mild yet efficient in getting rid of all the debris and product build-up that might be sticking to your hair and contributing to your oily scalp problem. If you use hair products on a daily basis, conventional shampoo is unlikely to entirely remove them each time you shower.

It employs a powerful mix of apple cider vinegar and hydrolyzed keratin to remove the remaining substance from your hair follicles and flush it down the drain. Some people dislike the pungent aroma of apple cider vinegar, but on the other hand, that’s how you know it’s effective.

This detox shampoo lathers well and rinses readily, so there’s no need to worry about the strong apple cider vinegar aroma lingering. We noticed a difference in our hair structure immediately after washing it; the length and ends felt really soft and clean.

We discovered that applying it twice a week definitely helped to reduce the greasy look of the scalp. Once your roots are back in balance, we recommend applying it once a week to keep your results and reduce excess oiliness and dandruff.

Best Shampoos For Oily Hair



  • Powerful oil-controlling ingredients
  • Leaves your hair looking shiny
  • Cruelty-Free


  • Doesn’t have a pump

This oil-controlling shampoo has a thick texture without being too heavy, unlike other shampoos for oily hair, which are light and sudsy.

It contains green sea algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic to battle oil at its source, adjusting your scalp’s flora to help return your hair to its natural state, and creating just enough oil to nourish your hair without weighing it down.

The benefits are instant and long-lasting; after only a few uses of this shampoo, we were able to quickly adjust to washing our hair every other day. We adore how clean our roots feel after washing. This shampoo is certainly designed for folks with thin hair who believe they can never get their roots totally clean.

The amount of product you get for the price makes this shampoo difficult to sell to folks with thicker hair, but it may be worthwhile if it allows you to go a couple of days without shampooing your hair.

Furthermore, it gives your hair a stunning shine that lasts throughout the day, allowing you to use less follicle-clogging hair treatments (such as gels).

best shampoo for oily hair



  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Creates a nice lather


  • May not be effective for extremely oily hair

If you’ve ever visited an Aveda salon, you’re definitely familiar with their clarifying shampoo. It contains micelles to gently remove product buildup and white vinegar to cleanse oily hair. The vinegar is not harsh or damaging, and it works particularly well for eliminating wax-based products from your hair.

The lightweight excellent is ideal for all hair types, from very thin to extremely thick. If you have fine hair that easily tangles when wet, this shampoo provides just enough slide to help you comb out any knots while also working it into the roots.

The invigorating rosemary smell provides an aromatherapy aspect to your daily shower, raising it to a highly sensual experience that encourages you to rub the product into your length and ends.

Even if you don’t often love perfumed shampoos, this one is light and pleasant enough to change your mind. We enjoy the thin texture, which lathers nicely despite its slightly watery nature.

best shampoo for oily hair



  • Soothes an itchy scalp
  • Gently detoxes hair


  • Strong scent

Paul Mitchell’s salon-quality shampoo can help you reset your greasy hair. This best-selling shampoo, known for its unique tingling sensation, has nourishing natural ingredients like tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender that help wash away grime and oil, leaving your scalp feeling clean and refreshed.

The lightweight gel-like solution lathers and distributes effectively, making it simple to massage the suds into your scalp and ends.

You know that having clean hair is crucial, especially if you have oily roots, since this shampoo gives your hair a deeper clean than other brands. That clean sensation lasts for several days, prolonging your style and saving you time in the mornings. It’s soft enough to use every time you wash your hair, yet strong enough to provide a thorough deep clean when necessary.

Additionally, it is suitable for color-treated hair. During testing, we noticed that it provides a mild volumizing impact on the hair. Furthermore, we appreciate how the pump container makes it simple to use precisely the proper quantity. For short, thin hair, one pump is plenty.

Two pumps should be plenty for medium-length, thick hair. While this stimulating composition is not for everyone, if you enjoy it, it will become something you actually miss in your routine while using other shampoos.

best shampoo for oily hair



  • Leaves hair soft
  • Smoothing for all hair types
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free


  • Small bottle

Nothing can ruin a good hair day faster than oily roots. This smoothing shampoo removes greasy roots while also giving you the beautiful, healthy hair of your desires. The key is juniper berry extract, which helps to balance scalp oils—some of which are helpful to the health of your hair!—and prevent buildup before it occurs. Glycerin, a natural humectant, helps to maintain the moisture balance of the hair.

We love how this shampoo improves every hair texture; if you have straight hair, it adds shine and body, and if you have curly hair, it makes your curls shiny and bouncy.

best shampoo for oily hair



  • Provides a deep clean
  • Balances an oily scalp


  • Pricey

If your hair ever seems like it needs some help, this is the shampoo we recommend. It transforms your dull, lifeless locks into silky, lustrous hair that is strong enough to stand alone. Everyone is susceptible to product + pollution accumulation and heavy metals from hard water, thus the Triple Detox Shampoo aims to safely clear your hair without stripping it.

It contains magnetic polymers, which serve as magnets to remove product and pollutant accumulation, excess oil, and heavy metals deposited by hard water.

Use the Triple Detox Shampoo once a week, leaving it on for up to two minutes before washing it away. Finish with a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioner to smooth the cuticle and satisfy parched locks. The “perfect” in the product name of this title is well-deserved; when we tested the Triple Detox Shampoo, we discovered that our hair looked best on days two and three, when the oil generally begins to settle in.

We saw a substantial reduction in excessive oil production after using this shampoo for a few months, therefore we can confidently suggest it to anybody with oily hair.

best shampoo for oily hair



  • Affordable
  • Softens strands


  • Contains sulfates, which might be too drying for some hair types

You don’t have to ignore your greasy hair just because you’re on a tight budget. Kristen Ess’s clarifying shampoo costs less than $12 and delivers a fair cleaning while also effectively eliminating tenacious residue that can weigh down the hair.

We enjoy the creamy texture, which comes alive as it hits your scalp, lathering up into a thick froth that grabs and washes away grime and oil.

The components have been precisely developed to not only address oily hair conditions, but also to promote overall hair health. Hydrolyzed pea protein enhances the overall look of the hair, while avocado oil offers necessary hydration without adding weight. Together, these compounds provide a potent cleaning mix that promotes a healthy, glossy mane.

Our hair seemed fresher and lighter in the days following shampooing, with considerably reduced greasiness at the roots. Dale advises shampooing twice in the shower to maximize the advantages of this solution.

We prefer to use this shampoo every third wash to keep our scalp healthy, balanced, and grease-free.

best shampoo for oily hair



  • Easily removes oil
  • Deep cleans strands without stripping hair


  • Not suited for every day use

Bumble & Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo might help you create a new weekend tradition. This is not your typical shampoo, and it should be reserved for days when you have the opportunity to truly indulge in self-care.

This deep cleanser, designed to break down oil and product build-up, instantly removes all impurities from your scalp for a better clean, allowing you to start the week with a clean slate and even fresher hair. It’s an excellent shampoo for folks with thinner hair that is easily burdened down by heavier products.

We discovered that using this product allowed us to go longer between washes and made our hair feel smoother throughout the week.

This shampoo is one of the strongest clarifying shampoos we’ve ever tried, making it ideal for swimmers and anybody else who puts their hair through the wringer during the week, but don’t be put off by that. You won’t have to worry about your hair drying out if you use it once a week.

Make sure to use conditioner to rehydrate your strands. A little goes a long way, so if used once a week as directed, it will last a long time.

The criteria for determining the best shampoos for oily hair

After a thorough examination of numerous customer reviews and ratings, our team meticulously curated a list of the best shampoos for oily hair, ensuring that they cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

  • Avoid touching your hair. When you touch your hair, the oil on your hands goes into your hair, which can cause it to become dirty faster.
  • Don’t over wash your hair. Overwashing can actually be more harmful than beneficial. This could dry out the scalp, sending a signal to create more oil.
  • Wash your hair when it feels oily. Everyone produces various amounts of oil. Washing twice to three times a week may not be sufficient for someone with high oil production, resulting in buildup.

How often should you wash oily hair?

The frequency of washing oily hair can vary depending on individual factors such as hair type, scalp condition, and personal preferences. In general, it is recommended to wash oily hair every 1 to 2 days to manage excess oil and maintain a fresh, clean feel. However, some people may find that washing every other day or even every third day is sufficient to strike a balance without stripping the hair of its natural oils. It’s essential to use a suitable shampoo for oily hair and consider factors like climate, lifestyle, and styling habits when determining the ideal washing frequency.

Adjusting your routine based on how your hair responds will help you find the optimal balance for keeping oily hair in check while maintaining overall hair health.

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