Perfume Shelf Life: How Long Does Perfume Last?

Perfume shelf life: How Long Does Perfume Last
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Do you have a perfume collection at home and every time you walk past it, you wonder how long does perfume last? Then let us take the guesswork out of it: in this article, we answer all your questions about the shelf life of perfume. Plus: With these tips and tricks for proper storage, you can make your perfume last longer.

The most important facts for Perfume shelf life

A perfume has a shelf life of around three to five years.

The shelf life of a fragrance depends on what type of perfume it is, whether it has already been opened or not and whether it is stored correctly.

Perfume shelf life: How Long Does Perfume Last

In this article, we answer all your questions about the shelf life of your perfume (depending on which perfume situation YOU in particular are in) and give you tips on how to extend the shelf life of your fragrance.

How long does perfume last?

When you ask, “how long does perfume last”, a lot of things are affected, including fragrance concentration and note, skin type, temperature and humidity, air flow, and product type.

Normally, a perfume (once opened) has a shelf life of around three years. However, this duration is still influenced by a few factors, which is why the shelf life can vary depending on the type of perfume and how it is stored.

For example, an eau de toilette – although it is actually weaker – often lasts longer than an eau de parfum. You can find out why this is the case and how you can keep your fragrance for longer in this article.

How long does Eau de Toilette last?

An unopened perfume has a shelf life of around five years. Although it is not possible to say exactly how long an eau de toilette will last, as this again depends heavily on quality and storage, it has a better shelf life than eau de parfum and in many cases you can expect it to last four years.

How long does perfume last

The reason for this is the higher alcohol content in eau de toilette and alcohol is a natural preservative.

Original packaging: How long does an unopened perfume last?

Is your perfume still in its original packaging? Then you’re in luck, because unopened perfumes can last up to five years and unopened eau de toilette up to six years – provided they are stored correctly, which we’ll show you in a moment.

How long does perfume last in the fridge

Not for long! Even if the refrigerator is the perfect place to store some cosmetic products, it is not at all suitable for perfumes. After all, it’s all about “cool and dry storage” and not cooling down.

7 to 20°C is perfect for your perfume, making the fridge an unsuitable place to store it. It is also not necessarily dry due to the other food in the fridge.

The best way to store perfume – How to make it last longer

Everything you need to know about the perfume shelf life and storage:

Store in a cool and dry place: If you stick to this rule, you will extend the life of your perfume enormously.

Cool does not mean cold: Your fragrance feels most comfortable at room temperature, i.e. at around 7 to 20°C. This is usually in the bedroom. This is usually the case in the bedroom. Sometimes it is too warm in the living room. In the fridge, on the other hand, it is far too cold – and many people make this last storage mistake!

Perfumes don’t belong in the bathroom: The bathroom is not only too warm for our perfume, but also too humid. After all, water flows there regularly and showering increases the moisture content of the air enormously.

Take your perfume into the bedroom: In most apartments and houses, the bedroom is the perfect place to store perfume. Firstly, it is usually the right temperature and is neither too warm nor too cold. And secondly, you probably have a cupboard, drawer or box where you can store the perfume away from light. If not, simply put the Falcon back in the packaging it came in, as this is perfect for protecting it from light.

Stay away from bulk bottles: although they often look particularly good, the fact that you regularly touch your skin with them is not exactly conducive to durability. A spray bottle will keep your perfume fresh for longer.

Can perfume go bad?

Yes, perfume can go bad. Although it cannot go moldy in a spray bottle and no dangerous bacteria can develop, at some point the perfume simply no longer smells good. This is known as “tipped perfume”.

You can recognize a tipped perfume by the fact that the essential oils it contains start to smell rancid. Heat and light influence this oxidation process, which is why correct storage is all the more important.

However, a perfume does not turn rancid overnight. The smell changes gradually and gradually becomes less and less pleasant. The color may also change and become more yellowish. Depending on the bottle, the color of the actual liquid can of course only be detected in some perfumes.

Ultimately, however, you can trust your nose: Does the perfume still smell good? Then it is.

Do you find your perfume musty and it no longer smells like it did at the beginning? Then get rid of it!

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