Pore Cleaner Test: How Effective a Blackhead Remover Really is

Electric Facial Pore Cleanser

Large pores are a thorn in the side of many people. But in short: We need them and without them our skin would dry out and be more susceptible to bacteria.

But that’s exactly why it’s so important to keep them clean. A pore cleaner is perfect for this. It simply sucks dirt, excess sebum and bacteria out of the skin.

I have now been testing such a device for 3 months and will explain how to use it correctly, the pros and cons and give you a little knowledge about pores and blackheads along the way.

The most important facts for pore cleaner

Pores provide moisture to the upper layer of the skin, protecting it from harmful environmental influences.

Poral cleaners are designed to suck excess sebum, dirt and spotting from the pores and clean the skin.

When applying a porous cleanser, it is important to proceed gently so that you do not damage the skin

The best pore cleaners 2024

best pore cleaners 2024
  • Strong suction power for intensive cleaning
  • Including four different attachments
  • Particularly effective application

The Essy pore vacuum cleaner offers everything a pore vacuum cleaner should offer – and more. Thanks to three different suction heads, the device is particularly effective and really reaches every area.

The microcrystalline attachment then provides light exfoliation and effectively removes dead skin cells.

The Essy pore cleanser is very handy. It has three suction heads and an exfoliating head. The set also includes other “blackhead remover tools”.

The device is charged via USB cable and has a very good battery. One battery charge is easily enough for five applications or more. The application itself is very easy. Press the on button and set the suction power using the plus and minus buttons.

Grundig Pore vacuum cleaner

Best Pore Cleaner
  • Very good quality
  • Vacuum G+ technology for every skin type
  • Effective application

Do you value a well-known brand? Then we can recommend the Grundig pore vacuum cleaner. The device is very high quality and has four different attachments. The special feature: the so-called Vacuum G+ technology adjusts the suction power to your skin type!

Device and accessories

As you would expect from Grundig, this pore vacuum cleaner is of particularly good quality. Four different attachments ensure that you can cleanse your skin particularly effectively and individually.

The vacuum G+ technology ensures that the suction power is always adapted to your skin and therefore never overstresses it. The application itself is very intuitive, as all you have to do is press a button – everything else happens automatically.

This device is also charged using a USB cable.

The reorderable filters are another plus point. This keeps the application hygienic at all times.

How to use a pore cleaner correctly

It is not without reason that pore cleaners have fallen into disrepute with some people. If they are used incorrectly, the result can be anything but pretty. Follow these application tips to avoid any mishaps and to protect your skin from injury:

Prepare your skin! Many YouTube videos show testers using the pore cleanser on dry, unprepared skin. This is a real nightmare for your precious skin. So start by cleansing your face as usual, apply a gentle scrub and then start steaming.

You should get the steam bath ready so that your pores relax a little and your skin is moisturized throughout the application. If you don’t have a facial sauna at home (these things are worth their weight in gold), simply fill a bowl with boiling water, add a little tea tree oil if required and hold your face in the steam for around 10 minutes.

Always use the lowest setting for the cheek area. The skin here is soft and particularly sensitive. In the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) you can use a higher setting. Avoid the eyes completely.

Keep moving. Never linger in one place with the suction cup. This will cause bruising.

Gently stretch your skin and always work from the inside out. Just as if your face were being lifted.

If your face becomes dry again during the treatment, hold it briefly over the steam bath again.

Once you have finished the treatment, we recommend using a moisturizing mask afterwards. The best option is a hyaluronic or aloe vera sheet mask from the fridge. This allows your skin to calm down and is intensively moisturized. Don’t forget the moisturizer afterwards.

How often can a pore cleanser be used?

You should not use your pore cleanser more than twice a month. We recommend that you designate one day a week as your beauty day. This gives you four beauty days a month. You can then use your pore cleanser on two of these days. That way, you’ll never get confused about when you last used it.

Who is a pore cleanser suitable for?

A pore cleanser is suitable for all skin types that have enlarged or clogged pores and want to improve the appearance of their skin. However, normal, uncomplicated skin types can also use a pore cleanser without any problems.

Best Pore Cleaner
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Only sensitive and dry skin (which often has rather fine pores anyway) should refrain from using a pore cleanser. If you would like to cleanse your pores despite having sensitive or dry skin, you will find alternatives below.

Does a pore cleanser harm the skin?

In principle, using a pore cleanser does not harm the skin. On the contrary. Your skin will be cleaner, smoother and firmer. Provided you use the device correctly. However, if you use the cleanser incorrectly, too often or are too harsh on your skin, this can lead to bruises and scratches.

How to clean pore cleaner Properly

Just like your make-up brushes or your jade roller, you should also clean your pore cleanser regularly to prevent bacteria from settling and the tool from losing its effectiveness. The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Clean your pore cleanser after every use.
  • First remove sebum and dirt from the attachment and device with a cotton bud or a reusable Q-tip.
  • Then clean the attachment with warm water.
  • Finally, spray the attachment and the device with a suitable disinfectant spray and leave the spray to work for a while before putting your pore cleaner away.
  • To make sure that the cleaner is clean and sterile, you can also spray it again with disinfectant a few minutes before use.

Pros and cons of a pore cleaner


  • Super easy to use
  • Usually available for less than 20 dolars
  • Most devices have different suction strengths and are therefore suitable for almost every skin type
  • Excess sebum and dirt are suctioned away very well
  • Battery life often lasts for five or more applications
  • Cleaning the device is super easy


  • Can cause hematomas (bruises) if used incorrectly
  • Need to be recharged regularly
  • Not suitable for sensitive and dry skin

Good alternatives to a pore cleanser

If you have sensitive or dry skin or are worried about bruising, there are of course gentler ways to cleanse pores and get rid of blackheads and other blemishes:

Blackhead stick

It is a classic among beauty tools and is also used in many beauty salons. The blackhead stick is perfect for squeezing out pimples, pustules and blackheads much more easily and hygienically with its stainless steel loop. It is important that the blackhead stick is not used forcefully and only on blemishes that have already been opened to avoid injury and possible worsening of the inflammation.

AHA & BHA peeling

The so-called AHA and BHA peel is currently super hyped. These are fruit acid peels that remove dead skin cells without friction, suction or granules. However, make sure that you use low-dose acids at home (unless you are a professional) and leave high-percentage products to the professionals.

Hydra Facial

If you would like to have your pores professionally cleaned out, we recommend the Hydra Facial treatment. Your skin is treated with acid, which also dissolves dirt in very deep layers of the skin. Dirt and acid are then sucked out with the help of moisture.

You can find a suitable YouTube video here.

What are pores?

Pores are small openings that are found in countless numbers on the skin. More precisely, pores are channels of the sebaceous follicles through which our body secretes sebum to keep the skin naturally moisturized and protected. This is why pores are so important for skin health. Everyone has them, everyone needs them.

Why do pores become large?

When pores start to enlarge, this is often due to excessive production of sebum and/or a disruption of the skin surface. If the gland duct is clogged with sebum and dirt, the pore has no choice but to expand.

The problem with large pores is that they unfortunately do not shrink again. It is therefore necessary to clean the pores regularly and remove blackheads.

Can you really vacuum away blackheads?

In short: Yes, you can. The only important thing is how you do it. Because even if you want to remove excess sebum and annoying blackheads from your skin, you should always be as gentle as possible. Therefore, always work carefully and conscientiously with your pore cleanser and treat your skin to a soothing moisturizing mask afterwards.


I am thrilled anew after every use. Pore cleansers really do work and are gentler on the skin than you might think at first. Nevertheless, care should be taken to use the cleanser correctly to avoid hematomas or other injuries.

So if you want clean pores, you can use a pore cleanser as an add-on. We recommend the Essy device or the Grundig vacuum cleaner.

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