How to Clean Lash Extensions Without Using Cleanser

How to Clean Lash Extensions Without Using Cleanser

Who doesn’t want fresh lash extensions? We certainly do!

And how to clean lash extensions without using cleanser. Let’s find out!

But did you realize that keeping those gorgeous fluttering beauties clean and debris-free is crucial?

It turns out that it’s extremely vital for the health of your lashes. Not just to maintain your artificial eyelashes looking their best (no one wants spiders caught in their eyes), but also to help them stay longer and avoid infections.

What, no cleanser? No worries. Welcome to the basic world of lash extension care, where we’re about to show you how to clean your lashes if you’ve ran out of cleaner.

Say goodbye to spidery lashes and welcome to an easy way to maintain your luscious lash extensions!

So, ladies and gentlemen, be ready to take your lash game to the next level. Beautiful, no-cleanser lash extensions are just a flutter away!

How to Clean Lash Extensions Without Using Cleanser

As previously said, cleaning your lash extensions is critical to removing the dead skin cells, natural oils, and debris that gather at the base of your lashes, allowing germs to thrive.

A specialized cleanser recommended by your lash technician may not seem like the ideal purchase, but they are designed to not only clean your lashes but also encourage long-lasting lash extensions (by eliminating substances that might break down the lash glue). In the long term, investing in a quality cleaner may help you save money on refill appointments.

If you’ve ran out of product or are determined to avoid using a lash cleaner, you’ll be astonished at how simple it is to create your own.

How to Clean Lash Extensions Without Using Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser with Cleaning Brush

The essential thing to remember is that any items you use should be oil-free, since oils can break down the extension adhesive and cause you to lose lashes sooner than you should.

As a result, the easiest option to prepare your own lash cleanser is to use oil-free baby shampoo. Because of its extremely gentle cleaning ingredients and higher pH, it also eliminates the dreadful eye stinging that we get with ordinary shampoo!

Make a light combination of baby shampoo and water with a few drops of the product, then dip your lash brush in it. Brush your extensions gently and then remove the product with warm water.

Wow, clean and debris-free lashes!

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You may also clean your lash extensions with ordinary warm water, but make sure the temperature isn’t TOO high, since this may harm the adhesive. Simply spray water on your lashes with your hands, soak a microfiber cloth in water, or dip an eyelash washing brush in water and gently dab it on your lashes.

Finally, if you don’t have any lash shampoo left, an oil-free makeup remover would suffice. Alternatively (but only if you’re out of options), use oil-free makeup wipes (which will also assist to remove any makeup residue).

However, while solutions like micellar water may appear appealing, they often have an oiliness to them that can lead to premature lash loss.

To begin, false lash guru Clementina Richardson recommends “avoiding washing your face and eye area in the shower as you have to be very gentle, and the water pressure from shower heads are far too harsh on extensions,” so remember to be extra gentle with those extensions to guarantee a longer life.

Now for the details in our step-by-step tutorial.

The processes are the same for whichever product you use, and the most essential thing is to be gentle and use a product free of oils and alcohol – no one wants sparse lashes that threaten to come out at any minute!

Step 1: Rinse your lashes gently with lukewarm water. Wet your eyelashes and lash line with a moderate trickle of water, being careful not to rub.

Step 2: Combine your DIY solution of choice, such as micellar water, baby shampoo, or an oil and alcohol-free cleanser.

To make a moderate solution using baby shampoo, use 1 part shampoo and 3 parts water.

Step 3: To avoid spilling, dip a soft, lint-free cloth, your clean fingertips, or a spoolie into the homemade cleaning solution and gently squeeze out any extra liquid.

Dip a delicate cosmetic brush into the solution as well. The crucial thing is to avoid using cotton pads or cotton buds, as they might catch on clothing.

Step 4: Gently dab and wipe the lash line and lash extensions with a moist towel or spoolie.

To avoid twisting or pulling at the lashes, be gentle. Gently comb the solution through your lash extensions if you’re using a spoolie.

Step 5: After washing, rinse your face and lashes with lukewarm water to eliminate any cleaning solution residue.

Some lash technicians swear for Dove soap for its mild nature, witch hazel, and baby shampoo combined with baking soda, but we don’t advocate using soap on your eyes (even if it is a soft recipe). Unfortunately, there are still enough oils in this area to harm your extensions over time, so use oil-free baby shampoo instead.

You should clean your eyelash extensions every day, believe it or not. It’s best to do it at night, after you’ve removed all of your makeup (avoiding any oil-based makeup removers, of course). This ensures that dirt, cosmetics, oils, dead skin, and dust are removed from your extensions on a daily basis, preventing the dreaded build-up.

This may seem excessive, but it will prevent any eye makeup or oils on your skin from damaging the lashes or glue. After all, what’s the purpose of investing your money on beautiful lashes only to have them fall out? Make it happen. Makes sense, ladies!

And what happens if you do not clean your lash extensions? That, however, is a prescription for disaster.

Okay, so it’s not that serious, but you’ll lose time and money, plus you could get eye infections – now THAT’S serious.

Lash extension glue NEEDS to be clean in order to form a firm binding with your lashes on the lash line. Dirty lashes are not only ugly, but they can also cause the lash adhesive to weaken, causing your extensions to fall out instead of enduring the complete life of your natural lash cycle and falling out when your natural lash sheds.

The quick answer? Brush your lash extensions carefully every day to keep them in good shape and prevent crisscrossing.

Incorporate this minor step into your skincare routine to help them remain in place and look nice.

This is especially crucial after showering or washing your face, since the water and products can make them appear soiled.

Brush them carefully with a clean mascara wand, making sure they’re all facing the right way and secure on your lash line (this takes seconds).

The main point

Whether you like a natural look or are a makeup addict, eyelash extensions may make you look bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and REALLY complete your look. I mean, isn’t that the whole idea of eyelash extensions?

However, it is critical to keep those extensions clean and debris-free in order to ensure a longer life and a perfect set of falsies while also safeguarding your natural eyelashes underneath.

If you don’t have an eyelash shampoo, use a delicate formula like baby shampoo or a gentle oil-free and alcohol-free foam cleanser, and don’t touch the eye area or lashes.

In conclusion, maintaining the allure of your lash extensions doesn’t always require an elaborate cleansing routine. By adopting these gentle methods for cleaning without using cleanser, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your lashes. Remember, a delicate touch and consistent care are the keys to preserving the enchanting flutter of your extensions.

So, whether you’re a lash aficionado or a newcomer to the world of extensions, these simple tips offer a fuss-free way to keep your lashes looking fabulous. Revel in the effortless charm of clean lash extensions without the need for extra products, and let your eyes shine with the allure they deserve!

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