Make-up For Blue Eyes: Professional Tips & The Best Products

Best Make-up for blue eyes

“Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes” . Deep blue, ice blue, gray-blue – each pair of blue eyes is home to a whole sea. This sea can be raging and effervescent, gently surging, salty, or sweet. And you can influence and intensify all of these effects with your eye makeup.

Here you will find the make-up for blue eyes, the best products, and helpful professional tips to really bring out the blue in your eyes.

Blue eyes are cool. So should your eye make-up. Blue, gray, and silver are a great match.

Naturalness is completely sufficient. Blue eyes can shine without any help. Soft, unobtrusive colors round off the look.

Complementary colors add zest to eye make-up. Orange and copper make the blue stand out seductively.

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

Blue eyes stand out and with dark, smoky eye make-up you can further intensify this cool standout. Believe me: the compliments will just come pouring in.

Outline your eyes with black, anthracite, graphite, and very dark brown tones.

Important: Blend everything together and make sure there are no choppy edges. Smokey eye. Not panda eye.

Suitable for: Smokey eyes look great, especially with blue eyes and dark hair. If you are very light and also have blonde hair, you should be careful with dark brown. Otherwise, it will quickly look totally punky à la Taylor Momsen.

Video instructions: Make-up for smokey eyes

Make-up for blue eyes

Naturalness & elegance

My personal favorite is the soft, natural look. Here, the color of your eyes can speak for itself and each individual shade of blue creates a completely new interpretation of the look.

Work with soft beige tones and delicate rosé here. Also great: you can also use your powder bronzer for this look. It makes everything look super uniform and natural.

Suitable for: The natural look is suitable for both dark and light types with blue eyes. Here you can simply match the colors to your skin color and play a little with the sweet pink.

Video tutorial: French girl make-up look

You can combine the natural look of your eyes with a wide variety of other make-up looks. We love the combination with a soft French-style glow. Make-up artist Leslie Dumeix shows us how it’s done:

Make-up for blue eyes

Glitter & Sparkle

Inspired by the Ice Queen, blue eyes look wonderful with bright glitter. Regardless of whether you are a light or a darker type, silver and white look best here. They emphasize the cool cast in your eye color and make your eyes sparkle.

Tip: Try combining the natural look from above with a little white or pink glitter. A great effect!

Video tutorial: Easy Glam For Blue Eyes

With light skin and light eyes, certain (and above all more intense) make-up looks can quickly look too harsh and not suit your type. But to make sure we pale blue-eyed people don’t have to do without glam, here’s a professional tutorial:

Make-up for blue eyes

The best eyeshadow palette for blue eyes

A suitable eyeshadow palette is the be-all and end-all for good eye make-up. Make sure that the palette contains both matte shades and glitter. This way, you can create everyday looks and party looks and really let off steam. We recommend the “9W Smoke & Shadow” palette from Morphe for blue eyes.

Morphe Artistry Palette

About Smoke & Shadow palette

The Smoke & Shadow palette from Morphe enables a wide range of different looks, yet is still handy and easy to use.
The nine colors included cover the needs of blue eyes exactly – anthracite and metallic gray tones, beige and cream, rosé glitter, highly pigmented, rich nuances with matte and shimmering finishes.

The eyeshadow is super easy to apply, does not crumble, blends well with the skin and with each other, and lasts super well. Applying an eyeliner also works perfectly. That’s how it should be!

Plus point: We think you’re well advised to pay just under 15 dolars for such a good brand palette and nine top-quality colors. A palette like this easily lasts one to two years – depending on how often you use it.

The best eyeliners for blue eyes

With an eyeliner, you can round off your smokey eye look or simply spice up any other look. If you have blue eyes, you can work great with a black liquid liner (like this one from Too Faced) to create sharp edges. If you want to blend the liner, you can also use natural shades of gray or copper.

About Clinique Quickliner

Although you can also work well with black eyeliner, a shade of gray is much easier to blend and work into the other eyeshadow shades. You can also create smokey eyes with gray.

The Clinique eyeliner in Intense Charcoal is creamy and highly pigmented. It creates effective contrasts and can be blended gently with a suitable brush or even over a large area with your finger.

About Too Faced Better Than Sex

My favorite when it comes to liquid eyeliner. The double-fiber brush and the liquid texture are perfect for a sharp wing and a precise eyeliner line. The color is intensely black, highly pigmented, and smudge-proof.
Exciting combination: Add a sharp wing to a sparkling glitter look. Just like Gigi Hadid shows above. You’ll be ready for any party in no time.

About BeYu Soft Liner

Do you want a wider range of colors for less money? Then BeYu is the right choice for you. The soft liners are super comfortable to use and are available in many different cool shades.
You can wear them on their own, use them to visually thicken your lash line, or apply them in a classic way over your eyeshadow.

When it comes to mascara, you are completely free. You can go for classic black or natural brown. Just the way you like it best.

best make-up for blue eyes

Nevertheless, most eye make-up looks look more uniform with a black mascara and the blue of the eyes also comes into its own.

About Roller Lash

My favorite for many years is the Roller Lash mascara from Benefit. The rubber brush acts like a curler and curls your lashes upwards with a great curl. Individual hairs are precisely separated and lengthened without robbing the lashes of their naturalness. My favorite is available in black and brown.

Basic looks for blue eyes & no-gos

To make up blue eyes, I always choose an overall color scheme first. For example, rosy, brown, or slightly coppery. I then choose three shades from this scheme. A light one for the entire eyelid, a medium and more colorful one for the crease, and then a darker one for the lash line!
I would always use darker shades of eyeliner so that they stand out nicely and the eyes are visibly outlined. Black, gray, and blue work well for blue eyes.

best mascara for blue eyes

The one color that doesn’t work at all is yellow! Especially stark, matt yellow tones rarely look good. And you should also be careful with red and bright pink. Otherwise, it will quickly look like an infection.

Cool and seductive at the same time. These are blue eyes. And blue is the most popular eye color in Germany. According to a TNS Emnid survey, 42 percent of people want the sea in their eyes.

And now you can also show off your popular eye color. Here is an overview of all the important points:

  • Bright colors steal the show with your eye color. Either go for a soft, natural look with beige and pink tones or make your eyes really stand out with a smokey eye look.
  • Cool glitter pigments also look great on blue eyes. White and silver make your eyes sparkle. In general, you can go for cool tones.
  • If you want color, go for orange and copper. The complementary tones conjure up an exciting look without the blue of your eyes going under.
  • Tone on tone is also an option. Make up your eyes with cool shades of blue and gray.
  • Avoid yellow, red, pink, and bright purple if possible. These shades clash with your eye color and the look will appear mixed up and incongruous.

But always remember: you have to feel comfortable! If orange is not your color and you find tone-on-tone boring, then try it out for yourself and find out what you personally like and what suits you.

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