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Among the numerous cosmetic staples fighting for attention in your makeup bag, one tool can immediately turn up the drama or keep it understated: blue mascara. Traditionally reserved for dramatic, runway-inspired looks, it has found its way into regular beauty procedures, providing a dynamic and refreshing variation on the standard black.

However, mascara is more than simply a color statement. Quality mascaras may completely change your lash line, generating a visual impact that goes beyond a mere cosmetic boost. Mascara’s power is in its capacity to volumize, lengthen, and curl your lashes, resulting in a wide-eyed effect that no other eye makeup can match. The proper blue mascara can deliver these benefits while also providing a sense of surprise and refinement to your appearance.

However, not all mascaras are the same. The market is flooded with alternatives ranging in formulation, brush style, and extra advantages. Some claim super-long lashes, while others guarantee waterproof protection for all-day use. Our job has been to traverse this congested market and find the best performers who meet these claims.

Therefore, blue mascara might become your new cosmetic passion whether you’re going for the drama of thick lashes or the subtlety of a natural lift with a pop of color. We encourage you to discover our top recommendations for the best blue mascaras, which mix performance, quality, and a splash of daring color to create an amazing appearance.

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Mascara

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original blue Mascara

L’Oréal‘s volume-building mascara is ideal for thickening and volumizing your lashes.

The formula comes in a deep cobalt blue, which not only makes it easier to see where you’re putting it but also helps to develop each individual lash up to 5x thicker and fuller. The product is clump-free and smudge-resistant, eliminating the need for touch-ups throughout the day!

This mascara not only curls your lashes beautifully, but it also includes panthenol and ceramide-R, two vital components that preserve and condition your lashes.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Washable Blue Mascara

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Washable Mascara

Experience the breathtaking allure of Sky High lashes with Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High blue Mascara! Achieve full-volume glamour and limitless length with our exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush that gracefully bends to volumize and extend each lash from root to tip. Infused with bamboo extract, the washable mascara formula ensures long, full lashes with a feather-light feel.

This mascara is not only fashion-forward but also allergy-tested and ophthalmologist-tested, making it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Golden Rose Perfect Lashes Mascara, Blue

Golden Rose Perfect Lashes Blue Mascara
Specifically designed for your blue eyes

Experience the swift-drying magic and rich deep blue hue of this mascara. Achieve flawless results with this sophisticated and alluring mascara, ideal for creating a distinctive look with vibrant, colorful lashes.

NYX Professional Makeup Blue Color Mascara

NYX Professional Makeup Blue Color Mascara
Highly pigmented mascara 

Step into the extraordinary with NYX’s exciting and lively mascara collection. Highly pigmented with intense color payoff, this mascara not only adds volume and length but also infuses a burst of captivating color into your lashes. Elevate your lash game by experimenting with the ombre effect – apply at the tips for an even more dynamic look. Your fabulous eyelash hue won’t go unnoticed; we dare you to try all three options!

AKARY Colored Colorful Waterproof Blue Mascara

AKARY Colored Colorful Waterproof Blue Mascara

Discover AKARY Colorful Mascara – a vibrant range of hues for eye-catching lashes! Waterproof and portable, it’s perfect for daily use or a night out. Achieve dramatic volume with a single application and enjoy smudge-proof, long-lasting wear. Easily apply and remove for a glossy finish. Ideal for gift on special occasions.

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara True Blue

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara True Blue

Let your lashes steal the spotlight with Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara! This mascara is a game-changer, giving you bold, thick lashes with just one easy coat. It glides on smoothly, and the best part? No flaking or smudging, so your gorgeous eyes stay front and center.

A Quick tip: Try the Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara Primer before for an extra volume boost. Your lashes will thank you!

wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Color Mascara Cobalt Blue

wet n wild Fantasy Makers Color Mascara Cobalt Blue

With Color Blast Colored Mascara, you may appear like a completely different person right away. This lash-lengthening mascara has a unique applicator that lengthens and thickens each lash from root to tip. Available in two wicked shades, you can join the bold lash trend one color at a time.

Directions To remove extra mascara, remove the applicator and use the lip of the tube. Look upwards, placing the wand at the base of the lash roots, and use a “zig-zag” motion to push mascara through the lashes. Repeat on the opposite eye.

How to Choose the Perfect Blue Mascara

Finding the Formula

Just like a well-tailored suit or the perfect pair of jeans, mascara should be a flawless fit for your lashes. Avoid the pitfalls of dry flakiness or wet smudging nightmares. Some formulas enhance volume with plumping waxes, while others extend lashes with fibers for coveted length. A quality mascara should glide on smoothly, coating lashes without clumping. For a versatile day-to-night lash game, choose a buildable formula that avoids Spiderman-like lashes.

The Wand Creates the Magic

A mascara’s wand is as important as the black (or blue, or navy) gold it contains. Volumizing mascaras frequently come with broad, thick bristles brushes that claim to fully cover each lash. In contrast, extending mascaras may contain a narrow, comb-like brush that grips, extends, and separates your lashes for a fanned-out look. Then there are the curving wands that playfully imitate the natural curl of lashes. The lash appearance you want will determine the mascara wand you choose, so keep in mind that the wand picks the wizard, or in this case, the lash queen.

Ingredients & Eye Care

Eyes, the soul’s windows, deserve special care. For sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers, choose mascaras with gentle, nourishing ingredients like natural oils and vitamins. Opt for formulations that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and health of your lashes. A quality mascara should be more than just a beauty enhancer; it should also prioritize the well-being of your lashes.


What is mascara?

Mascara, a cosmetic marvel, elevates your eyelashes by darkening, thickening, and lengthening them, imparting an open and awake appearance to your eyes. Whether in liquid, cake, or cream form and shades like black, brown, blue, or purple, it’s a makeup essential. Like the finishing stroke on a painting, mascara draws the eye and completes your look.

How do you use blue mascara?

For a striking effect with blue mascara, begin by curling your lashes for maximum impact. Using the mascara wand, start at the lash base and wiggle it upwards to the tips. This technique separates lashes for an even application. If diving into full blue feels bold, layer it over your regular black mascara. This imparts a subtle hint of color without overwhelming your look.

What color mascara is best for blue eyes?

Choosing mascara for blue eyes may be like picking out the ideal accent for an outfit. While black mascara is universally attractive, blue-eyed beauties can also use blue mascara to highlight their eye color. It’s a daring gesture that might brighten the natural color of your eyes. If you want to try something new, brown mascara might create a softer, more natural appearance for daytime usage. It’s like deciding between a bold necklace and a tiny pendant, each with a unique impact.

What is the best way to remove waterproof mascara?

Remove waterproof mascara with an oil-based makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad in the remover and place it on your closed eye for a few moments. This gives the oil time to dissolve the tenacious mascara. After a few seconds, gently remove the mascara. Always avoid rubbing or pulling on your eyelashes. Repeat the technique until all mascara has been removed.

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