Unveiling the Best Mascara for Green Eyes

best mascara for green eyes

As a professional makeup artist, I often get asked about the best ways to enhance different eye colors. One of the most captivating eye colors to work with is green. Green eyes have a unique depth and intensity that deserve to be accentuated. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to do this is by choosing the right mascara. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my top picks for the best mascara for green eyes, along with tips on how to make your eyes pop like never before.

Here are our 5 of the best-selling mascaras for green eyes:

Best Mascara for Green Eyes

This rich, burgundy mascara is a great way to make green eyes pop. It has a volumizing formula that lengthens and defines lashes, and the burgundy color is a beautiful contrast to green eyes.


  • Volumizing formula
  • Easy-to-use curved brush
  • Lengthens and defines lashes
  • Burgundy color complements green eyes
  • Affordable


  • May not be waterproof
  • Some users find the brush to be a bit small

Best Mascara for Green Eyes

Another great option for green eyes is L’Oreal Lash Paradise Burgundy Mascara. This mascara has a lightweight, burgundy-tinged formula that won’t weigh down lashes. Its large, fluffy brush coats each lash for dramatic volume and definition.


  • Lightweight formula
  • Won’t weigh down lashes
  • Rich and flattering burgundy color
  • Affordable


  • May not provide as much volume as some other mascaras
  • Some users find the brush to be too big

Best Mascara for Green Eye

If you’re looking for a mascara that will really make your green eyes stand out, Too Faced Damn Girl! Green Mascara is a great option. This mascara has a volumizing and lengthening formula, and the green color is unique and eye-catching.


  • Volumizing and lengthening formula
  • Unique and eye-catching green color
  • Long-wearing


  • More expensive than some other mascaras
  • May not be suitable for everyday wear

Best Mascara for Green Eyes

This bold teal mascara is perfect for making a statement. It has a volumizing and lengthening formula, and the teal color is sure to turn heads.


  • Volumizing and lengthening formula
  • Bold teal color
  • Long-wearing


  • Very expensive
  • May not be suitable for everyone’s taste

Best Mascara for Green Eyes

Treat yourself to luxury with this volumizing and lengthening mascara infused with nutrient-rich ingredients. The viola shade offers a beautiful contrast to green eyes, while the curved brush creates a dramatic, fanned-out effect.


  • Volumizing and lengthening formula
  • Beautiful viola color
  • Long-wearing
  • Luxurious packaging


  • Very expensive
  • Less volumizing than some other mascaras

Curious to unravel the mystique behind green eyes?

Before diving into mascara recommendations, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of green eyes. Green eyes are relatively rare, accounting for only about 2% of the world’s population. They often have a mix of blue, yellow, and brown pigments, giving them their distinct coloration. Green eyes are versatile and can range from a subtle olive hue to a vibrant emerald shade.

best mascara for green eyes
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When it comes to enhancing green eyes, the right mascara can make all the difference. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a mascara for green eyes:

Enhancing Your Eye Color

Green eyes can be complemented by a variety of mascara shades. To enhance your eye color, opt for mascaras in shades of brown, plum, or navy blue.

best mascara for green eyes
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These colors create a beautiful contrast with green eyes, making them appear brighter and more vibrant. Avoid overly harsh colors like black, as they can overpower the natural beauty of green eyes.

Mascara Shades for Green Eyes

  • Brown Mascara: Adds warmth and definition to green eyes, perfect for a natural everyday look.
  • Plum Mascara: Enhances the green tones in your eyes, creating a mesmerizing effect.
  • Navy Blue Mascara: Provides a subtle pop of color that complements green eyes without being too bold.

Curl and Definition

The Importance of Curl

Curling your lashes is essential for opening up your eyes and creating a more awake and youthful appearance. Look for mascaras with a curved wand or invest in a separate eyelash curler to achieve maximum lift and curl.

Lengthening vs. Volumizing Mascara

  • Lengthening Mascara: Ideal for elongating your lashes and creating a more fluttery, feminine look.
  • Volumizing Mascara: Adds thickness and fullness to your lashes, giving your eyes a sultry, dramatic effect.

Tip: For green eyes, opt for a lengthening mascara to accentuate the natural shape of your eyes while still providing definition.

Imagine your eyelashes are like little trees in a forest. Now, lengthening mascara is like giving those trees a growth potion. It helps your lashes grow longer and reach for the sky. So, if you want your lashes to look longer and more fluttery, lengthening mascara is the way to go.

On the other hand, volumizing mascara is like adding more trees to the forest. It makes your lashes look thicker and fuller, like a dense forest. So, if you want your lashes to look thicker and more dramatic, volumizing mascara is what you need.

fashion girl makeup paint - Difference Between Lengthening And Volumizing Mascara
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In short, lengthening mascara makes your lashes longer, while volumizing mascara makes them look thicker. Depending on what look you want, you can choose the mascara that suits you best.

Easy peasy, right?

Longevity and Smudge-Proof Formula

All-Day Wear

Choose a mascara with a long-lasting, smudge-proof formula to ensure your eye makeup stays put throughout the day. Green eyes are captivating on their own, and you don’t want smudged mascara to detract from their beauty.

Waterproof Mascara

Consider investing in waterproof mascara, especially if you have oily eyelids or live in a humid climate. Waterproof mascaras are resistant to sweat, tears, and humidity, ensuring your eye makeup looks flawless from morning to night.

Top Mascara Picks for Green Eyes

Mascara BrandShadeFormulaKey Features
L’Oréal VoluminousPlumLengtheningCurved wand for maximum lift
Maybelline Great LashBrownVolumizingIconic formula, clump-free
Covergirl Lash BlastNavy BlueWaterproofBold color, smudge-proof
Best Mascara Picks for Green Eyes


In conclusion, choosing the right mascara can enhance the natural beauty of green eyes and make them stand out even more. By selecting shades that complement your eye color, prioritizing curl and definition, and opting for long-lasting formulas, you can achieve stunning results. Experiment with different mascaras to find the perfect match for your green eyes and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.


Can I wear black mascara with green eyes?

While black mascara can be worn with green eyes, it’s best to opt for softer shades like brown, plum, or navy blue to enhance the natural beauty of your eye color.

How do I prevent mascara from smudging on my green eyes?

To prevent mascara smudging, choose a waterproof formula and make sure to properly curl your lashes before applying mascara to prevent them from touching your eyelids.

Should I use an eyelash curler with green eyes?

Yes, using an eyelash curler can help open up your eyes and create a more awake appearance, enhancing the beauty of your green eyes.

Can I wear colored mascara with green eyes?

Yes, colored mascara can be a fun way to experiment with your look and complement the green tones in your eyes. Just make sure to choose shades that enhance rather than overpower your eye color.

How often should I replace my mascara for green eyes?

It’s recommended to replace your mascara every three months to prevent bacteria buildup and ensure optimal performance.

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