How to Make Perfume Last Longer by Proper Application and Storage Techniques

How to make perfume last longer by proper application and storage techniques

You surely know that it is important where and how you store your perfume.

Enjoying fine fragrances is like an art – it requires proper handling and care to achieve a perfect result. Mastering the art of perfume application involves not only applying it to the pulse points, but also creating a subtle but long-lasting aroma that will accompany you throughout the day.

There are several reasons why your fragrance may not have the longevity it needs, so read below how to make perfume last longer by proper application and storage techniques.

How to make perfume last longer by proper application and storage techniques
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Your favorite fragrance with floral notes

As a general rule, fragrances in the oriental or so-called woody categories last much longer than citrus, floral or green fragrances. Of course, if you prefer a lighter scent, that’s totally fine too.

You are not applying the fragrance to the right places

Heat intensifies the scent, so it’s best to spray perfume on places that generate the most heat on the body, such as the pulse points on the neck and wrists—even the ankles and backs of the knees. Spraying directly on your hair is a great trick, because your locks are basically a built-in diffuser (every time you brush or move your hair, some scent particles are released).

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It’s important to note that while it’s practically ingrained in us from a young age to rub our knuckles together after applying perfume, this actually breaks up the scent, making it fade faster than we’d like.

You are not hydrating enough

There is a direct correlation between the hydration regime of your skin and how long your fragrance lasts, as fragrance does not mix well with dry skin. Just make sure your moisturizer is unscented so it doesn’t mix with your perfume.

You are not storing your fragrance properly

Did you know that fragrances have an expiration date? If the perfume has changed color or texture, it has probably aged and lost some of its intensity. Natural ingredients will develop and often become stronger over time, but there’s a fine line between a strong scent and something that just smells wrong, so be aware of its expiration date.

On the other hand, while all fragrances eventually deteriorate or at least change significantly, proper storage is key to making a perfume last. Ideally, store your fragrances in a cool, dark place (but not in the fridge) and away from air conditioners or heating units.

In conclusion, mastering proper application and storage techniques can significantly enhance the longevity of your perfume. By incorporating these methods into your routine, you can enjoy your favorite scents for longer periods, elevating your overall fragrance experience.

How can I ensure proper application of perfume for maximum longevity?

To ensure longevity, apply perfume to pulse points such as wrists, neck, and behind the ears. Avoid rubbing the fragrance, as this can break down the scent molecules. Instead, lightly dab or spritz the perfume and let it air dry.

What are the best storage practices to preserve the scent of my perfume?

Store your perfume in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep the bottle tightly capped to prevent evaporation and exposure to air, which can degrade the fragrance. Avoid storing perfume in humid environments or near heat sources.

Are there specific application techniques or areas of the body that can help extend the lifespan of perfume?

Yes, applying perfume to areas with good blood circulation, such as pulse points, can help the fragrance develop and last longer. Additionally, moisturized skin tends to hold fragrance better, so consider applying perfume after using a fragrance-free moisturizer to prolong its scent.

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